Creating your own work as an actor

And stop sulking

You are stuck. You are jobless. You haven’t booked a gig in forever or never. You don’t know what to do. Acting seems very hard. You are losing all this money on classes. You are doing everything possible to get more work. But you feel like you are not getting any where. So what do you do ? Do you continue to feel helpless, and sulk about your problems?

No you decide to grow up about it and decide to take charge of your career. How do you do that? You create your own work. Is it possible to create your own? Possible? Yes. Realistic? No Why is isn’t it realistic? Well because Film is a collaborative art. A real production has hundreds of professionals working at the same time. You can’t expect to do all their jobs at once.

You have to find some like minded people to work with. That is the best way you can create some synergy and great film projects. Although it would be great to find professionals to work with, you can just do it several other actors. When an actor begins to understand all the aspects of film making, he will realize that acting is not just medium to show emotion, but a visual storytelling medium that is told by a bunch of artists from all sides of the camera.

Even the TV producer and Casting Director. We all want to put our stamp on our work.

Written by The Actorly Team

We try to make films and give opportunity to artists in nyc

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