Become the next Shahrukh Khan or Robert Downey Jr

A superstar, not just an actor

The click bait, attention seeking headline is really like what it seems, to get you to click this damn article. But what do these great actors have which make us so glued to the screen when they come on? Well both of them have a superhero movie under their belt (although one of them has made a really bad one).

They are very, very damn good at grabbing your attention. They provide enough substance where you as the audience want to see more of. That’s what great story telling is about. Yes he can be bad actor (which is for another article) but he can be a fantastic story teller. If after watching him or any actor that you might admire, you find yourself intrigued to know more, curious, relating to him, or just fantasizing the ideas or the messages the movie has given, well then he is a fantastic story teller. (Just like we are terrible grammar people). They own it.

Whatever choices they make, they give it their 100%. It’s time for you as an actor to do the same. Fully commit if you want to succeed in this art, professionally, and make a lot of money. Films, TV, and even theatre, are indeed an art. But they are also more importantly a business. And businesses want you to come back and repeat. So you as an actor have to make the audience come back to you and give you their hard earned money (and time).

You are asking for potentially millions of people to give you 2 hours of their time for a film. Now why earn those 2 hours?

Written by The Actorly Team

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