Figuring Out Your Type

Get in the audition room for stuff you can actually book

For years many many famous people and civil rights leaders have fought for equality and equal opportunity for all. But actors are the exception. We actors struggle with the super racist, discriminatory concept of figuring out what our type is. We have to. Because if we do, we can book a ton more work and be very successful. And if we don’t, we end up hating the world, blaming everyone besides our self for failure.

So how do we figure out our type? Yea…Yeah. I know we actors are supposed to be well versed in everything. Have all the tools. But that’s in a perfect world or if you are Robert Downey Jr. Until you get there, let’s figure out how to get you more pesos.

First of look at yourself from an unbiased perspective. If you can’t, google a photo of a man or woman. Once you have the photo. Ask yourself, if you were a casting director, what is the very first things that come to your mind when you look at the photos. What would you cast them in if you didn’t know who they were?  Now, if possible look at any YouTube Video. Before you click the video, what do you see in the thumbnail of the user? Does he or she look wacky? Does he or she look sexy? Now watch the video? Does your initial opinion match watch your post watching the video opinion.

Casting Directors are the same way. They want to see your personality. And they want to see it without doing all the guess work. So what do you do? You try your damn best to show your strengths in the couple min you have with them or in your reel or headshot.  Make it easier for them and you’re already halfway there to booking it.

Written by The Actorly Team

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