Improve Your Acting with Improv

Unscripted, Unplanned, Spontaneous

What is improv and how can it improve your acting ? Well just like any art, it’s a complicated question to answer. But simple layman terms, Improv is a unplanned, unscripted, spontaneous performance by an individual or group of people.

So what the heck can it do for your acting? Well the core of improv is exactly what evvery actor needs to be. He needs to be spontaneous, natural, and in the moment. Every performance an actor gives has to come out exactly the same way an improv performer would. It has to look unplanned, and unscripted.

The audience needs to see you living in the moment and experiencing the circumstances of the script for the first time. Even if you have rehearsed it thousands of times or maybe more. Put in all the work beforehand and then live it. Talk and listen and experience it. Let the lines affect you rather than you affecting it. And best of all, improv can help your auditions.

How can it help your auditioning? Improv helps you build the confidence to take more risks. Even if the Casting Director decides to give you an adjustment you can seamlessly complete it.

Bottom line is the casting director or whomever is in the room wants to feel like you have solved one of their problems. If you do that, then they will hire you

Written by The Actorly Team

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