How to work on physicality

And be a Great Actor, not just good.

Wanna become an insanely better actor in under 5 min? Seriously I have this crazy thing you can apply to your acting right now that can revolutionize the way you approach every role. And it doesn’t even have to be during a performance. Your future genius self can even use this for all your auditions. And that is to be more physical as an actor.

Every actor can be more physical. Whether you are a newbie or a pro veteran of the craft. In fact the best actor, the ones not named Kardashian that we love are physical and able to tell the story through their bodies. Mute the volume and watch the best work. You can see the play, or movie being told through their body.

It all goes back to our article about How to be more specific. Start asking yourself questions. All based on the circumstances of the script. How would my character walk. Where would my character hold his energy? What does my character lead with ( Chest, feet, chin or..?). How does my character look around and see the world. How does he feel in that body of his and the potentially fly clothes he’s wearing.

And if there’s props in the scene. How does he hold them? The way my home boy Brown holds the phone is not the same as how a mother, waiting for the call from the police for her missing child, would. It’s always good to be on point as possible so we can get that cookie at the end for doing it the right way.

Remember physical is something that can take hours and hours to master because after all you are trying replicate someone who is X amount of years old in the span of whatever turnaround time you have. With practice comes skill, so keep it and you will get better. Maybe one day become a master jedi of physicality.

*For demonstration reasons and clarity and continuity we used he but can be for any character.

Written by The Actorly Team

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