How to Audition for a TV Pilot

It’s different than other mediums

So you finally got that opportunity to make that moolah and become an OG. Maybe even have some fanboys follow you around at comic con in the very near future. Ok yes that might be for another day lads, for when you have some supernatural superhero show. But now is the time to talk about auditioning for a TV Pilot.

Right off the bat before you dive into the script. Ask yourself the questions that nobody does. Who are the makers of the show? What works have they done previously? People in this industry tend to stick to genres that they have been doing. So if the creators of the show, Suits, decide to do a new show, you can put your money on the new show being fast, and stylish.

Then, ask yourself, what network is the show on ? Every network is different. Even the way one loses his mind and goes ape sh*t on each network is different. HBO is darker, smarter, and more open. ABC is more of a step down from being a Soap Opera.

Now that you got the technical stuff out of the way, we can go the analytical. What is your character’s role in the show. What purpose does he give to the story. What arch will he have? You have to make sure you create a character that is bad boy enough for a producer and writer wanting to create for you for 5 seasons. Creators are looking at the long term goal.

So can you show them enough good stuff in the audition that give them ideas 5 years into the future?

Pay attention to how the character changes throughout the script. Which scenes have you been given to audition. What purpose does the scene serve in order to move the story forward? Why is the scene here? Why was it chosen for you to audition? What are they trying to see in your scenes?

TV auditioning is not easy, especially for pilots. But the more you get specific about all of these tools, the higher you will be on the dog chain of being chosen.Actors are not chosen because they’re lucky, it’s because they are smart enough to understand their character and the show.

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