Film TV vs Theatre

These 2 sides despise one another

First of all boys and girls, let’s get this out of the day way. Many people on both sides argue that Film and TV is easier than Theater. You don’t have to do much with TV, just be yourself. Less is more as they say!

Well whoever says that needs to be burned at the stake. Film, TV, and theatre are different mediums but no way is one easier than the other. Both have their subtleties, intricacies, and specifics that make them unique and well defining as a art.

It might be harder for one to transition from medium to the other, but that doesn’t mean for someone else the reverse wouldn’t be true. Camera studies the face, and the eye. They see the mind of the director. Theater just like film and TV is about acting choices but you have to convey your message to roomful of people.   

The most important goal for the actor, regardless of the medium, is to be specific in the context of the world they are in. One should be curious and learn from the differences. Not try to waste their energy trying to catfight or have a bitchfit of what’s better than the other

Written by The Actorly Team

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