How to be a Specific Actor

You only have one job to do..

The Actor has one job. (until he books another one lol but…) That is to do justice to the script. But how do you do that? By being as specific as you can be of the circumstances. Good actors are always specific about Persons, Places, Objects, and Events. Great actors make sure to understand the world of the story and the mind of the writer.

What is being specific?

Well let’s put it like this. What would somebody need to know to play you? Let’s say there is a biopic film being made on your life. And casting was looking for somebody to play you. If say you are acting student named Kevin Spacey (Who by the way, is our FAVE) that attends Julliard. If I told you, he’s a young 20 year old motivated actor in Julliard, is that enough to describe the soon to be scandalous Oscar and Acting God? No it’s not! More has happened in his life that has shaped him. His past relationships to his family, significant others, mentors, and well everything all the way down to his relationship to his underwear (ok maybe we’re getting a little carried away) is important!

We all have a specific reason way of doing everything. You are sitting in a very particular position right now, with your arms or legs resting in a very specific position. Nobody else does it the same way.

Your choice of clothing when getting ready to go about with your day is all very specific! SO WHY DO ACTORS GENERALIZE WHEN ACTING (Sorry for the caps, my eyes hurt too, I know. Plus we wanted to be Soapy Dramatic).

From this moment forward. Everything you do. The way your character walks, talks, holds objects, cries, feels, break dances and etc. has to be as specific as you can be.

Written by The Actorly Team

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